NIKA Project Space


Dubai, UAE



Project team:

Equipment: ERCO
Architects: T.ZED Architects
Multimedia: Anton Safiulin
Photographer: Ivan Erofeev, Mohamed Somji

NIKA Project space is the new home of conceptual art in Dubai. A five-minute walk from the bustling arts center of Alserkal Avenue, is NIKA Project Space is a new art gallery founded by Veronika Berezina.

NIKA’s mission is to offer a space for intercultural dialog and research, especially in the genre of conceptual art. It is here, in the vast, ever-changing changing city of the United Arab Emirates, which has over the years has become a world capital of business and culture, Berezina hopes to strengthen ties through art between the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

The being.light team was tasked with developing a lighting system for the entire gallery that would meet the exhibition and working requirements of the space. Thus, the halls were filled with combined lighting: a combination of soft general light and accent light spots makes it possible to realize any lighting scenography.

The common light is an extension of the natural light, and the 3500K color temperature has been chosen to harmonize with it, creating a light and versatile shade of white light. The common light system is controlled by the Casambi system.

The light-filled space prominently features soft accents on the artworks, thereby inviting visitors to them, yet maintaining the integrity of the exhibit.

In addition to a universal set of equipment for any exposition task, we have also provided a universal set of accessories, making the lighting system even more flexible and adaptable.

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